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PC Sunshine board

About Us

Hangzhou Kai Rui building material Co., Ltd. is set to PC, the new acrylic sheet, cast acrylic sheet, profile design and manufacture, international trade as one integrated high-tech enterprises, with the growing demands of domestic and foreign markets, the company is located in the world famous tourist resort of West Lake River, adjacent to Hangzhou International Airport, highway, railway, arranged in a crisscross pattern, logistics developed, the company's production scale has expanded steadily, our company introduced the most advanced international < double-sided UV co extruded UV curing drip > production line, using the German (Bayer Bayer) and the SABIC (the original American GE (LEXIN)) and other world famous manufacturers of raw materials production, by the national chemical building materials quality supervision and inspection center inspection, the indicators are excellent.

Company to "integrity, quality, efficiency, service" is the eternal purpose, adhering to the "customer is the focus of all the staff of the" business philosophy, develop a proactive and innovative concept of corporate culture, a comprehensive import CIS and ISO9001, ISO14001 quality management system, to ensure that every product and service quality. The company people-oriented, regular skills training to employees. Production workshop and office to implement 5S management policy, it is the company's brand strategy and talent reserve policy, the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, customer first purpose, humanization and learning management method determines the company's development and long-term stability.

With the valuable experience of the leadership of the company for many years engaged in the production, sales of sunshine board, has gradually become the world's leading thermoplastic sheet manufacturers, the products are widely used in: the construction industry, industrial, agricultural, the advertising industry, security industry and DIY. The company has offices in major city in the country, sales outlets throughout the country, products are exported to five continents in the world.

Aerospace transparent container, the front windshield, airplane, train, ship motorcycles, cars, boats, submarines and glass police shield;

Office building, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities lighting ceiling.

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